Server-Rules | Game-Rules

Those are the Official rules of the UGF-Server.
We even made some for certain Gamemodes,
so p
lease read them before playing on our Server.

Or you may need to risc with a kick or even a ban.



  1. General rules
  2. Evolution rules
  3. Sahrani Life rules
  4. Warfare (work in progress)
  5. Domination (work in progress)
  6. (work in progress)


- General  

  • ​No cheating / hacking on our Server
  • Respect all players and the Clan members
  • No admin abuse as voted admin mode
  • No audio-/voice-/chatspam
  • Only english and german
  • Play with the rules of the current mission
  • play fair
  • No friendly fire / teamkilling
  • No trolling
  • No Baserape
  • No glitching


- Evolution West/East

Evolution West/East (Blue/Red) is an Coop-Mission where you need to capture and secure areas of the enemys, getting higher rank to use certain Vehicles and safe the Island. Play as team and strike togheter. You are getting a Higher rank by getting Points. 
And points you can get by killing enemy infantry or destroying there vehicles for even more points, or secure areas and capture enemy officiers.


Note: Attack the Areas in the right line, and only 1 city attack to not                make the server laggy.

  • ​No wild shooting at Base
  • Only 1 area/city attack (check briefing for the line of targets)
  • No empty-/teamvehicle destroying
  • No Teamkilling/friendly fire
  • No glitching
  • No Kamikaze-crash with airplanes
  • Landing airvehicles carefully
  • Don't open a secound city (Can make the server laggy)
  • Do not let AI (NPC) get in empty Vehicles as Driver/Pilot
  • Players should not stay as driver/pilot or gunner when AFK



- Sahrani Life (RolePlayGame)

Sahrani Life is an RPG-(RolePlayGame) Mission without
objectives or 
an ending. You can decide which Role you
want to pick and play this game just like in reallife.

As Citizens you can get Jobs, Workplaces, Factorys or be the Major of North-Sahrani. You can also pick the rebel way and live against the rules, dealing with drugs, stealing cars, robbing the bank or getting the Most-Wanted Terrorist of the Island.
Make your own way and live the Sahrani-dream!

As Police Officer you have to stay in your role, patroling around
the Island and ensure for safety. You are not allowed to play against the Law or be Corrupted. Be a true Cop and safe for your Island.

But even as Citizens and Cop you have strict rules
So Please read and play by the rules.


(Some rules are strict and need to be followed, other wice It can lead to a Kick or even Ban of the Server.)


Note: There is a big difference between "Illegal" and "Not allowed".


 ​    For all:

  • Respect other Citizens and Cops
  • No Voice-spam in the global- or sidechat
  • Voice chat in global/side is only allowed when needed
  • No glitching
  • Drugs are ALWAYS Illegal
  • No CopBase Rape
  • No CivilianSpawn Rape
  • No trolling/annoying other Players
  • Cheating/hacking or bug using is not allowed
  • Follow the Rules of the Law
  • Play in your role (Its RPG.)
  • Don't be a dick
  • If you are losing your money of an accident by yourself, its your fault. deal with it.
  • Races are Illegal
  • Ignoring the Police can end badly
  • Bitching around about something should not happen... please stay calm and play fair.
  • Good to know: On few Versions of SL, Vehicles are despawning when you not parking them on right parkplaces.
  • Good to know: You can always Close/Open your own Vehicle.
  • Good to know: The Money on the Bank will be saved by leaving/rejoining the server. (But don't wonder if the bank got robbed)
  • For certain Vehicles/Weapons you need a licence
  • RDM/VDM is not allowed.
  • Only english or german 
  • Other langueges are only allowed in group or direct channel
  • Placing scructures/hideouts on streets is not allowed


  • No CopBase Rape
    As Major: Make rules that make sence
  • As Major: Don't make stupid Taxes.
  • As Major: DON'T do illegal stuff thats against your own Rules.
  • Don't RDM/VDM other People or spray with weapons around
  • Follow the Rules of the Police and the Major/Goverment (You can but don't need to. You can do Illegal stuff, or do things against the Rules, but watch out.. You may have to pay with
    consequences like getting in Jail, paying a Ticket, or even get killed.)
  • Do not troll the cops: Like pissing them off  by driving after them or something.
  • Driving in a Police Car is Illegal.
  • If you buy a Landrover and got a Licence for it: Sirens = Illegal
  • Stealing a Cop car is allowed, ONLY when it's not a TROLL action.
  • You need to have a Licence for certain Vehicles and Weapons.
  • To have a Terrorlicence is Illegal= You will get wanted.
  • Stolen or Illegal Weapons are Illegal! (Even if you have a licence for it)
  • Entering the Police Station without Permission is Illegal | Entering the Shopping Area inside the Police Station is forbitten!
  • Licenced Weapons should always be holstered, or you can be a danger for the police.
  • Citizens are allowed to buy Nightvisions and Binoculars
  • Stealing Vehicles or robbing the bank/other citizens is Illegal
  • Don't play Cop as Citizens.
  • Driving Armed/unarmed Tanks as Citizens is alway Illegal.
  • Flying with a Gunship Helicopter/Jet is Illegal. (Only for Kamov, Cobra, Harrier, A-10, Su's, BlackHawk FFAR, Mi-FFAR = Cops are allowed to shoot you down.) +Modded Versions more Vehicles.
  • Building Hideouts/structures inside the CivilSpawn or CopBase is not allowed.


  • No friendlyfire/teamkilling
  • Don't kill/arrest or give tickets for no reason
  • In a Situation you should always try to communicate and stay calm
  • Use your Weapons only when it seems your last option, even with your Taser (MakarovSD-Pistol). Be awared that your taser Makarov SD (with SD-ammo) can also kill people.
  • Use your Sirens only for real actions.
  • Don't give Civilian players your weapons or give it yourself!  (by dropping everything and changing to Citizen)
  • No corrupted Cops allowed - You should stay in your role.
  • Don't troll/annoy other Citizencs or Cops
  • On some version of SL, the south part of the Island is a non-rule area. So you have no right to arrest People there or give them tickets, but you still can use your weapons for self-defence.
  • Even as Cop you need Licences for certain Stuff.
  • Do not RDM/VDM.
  • Cooperating with Terrorists is not allowed
  • Helping out by Illegal things is not allowed
  • Stay in your role and be calm



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