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About our Server

This could be the last clan and the last server for Arma 1. 
On our server are missions for everyone. 
Community favorites Missions like Evolution, Sahrani life, Zombies, Domination, warfare and more are waiting for you, and not just Coop missions. Game modes like CTF and DM/TDM too. 
(All missions Without Mods/Addons!!!)

About the UGF-Clan

The UGF Clan was created in 2014 by the german member and leader Sven aka Johnny3tears.
His dream was to create a server for the arma-community with all best Missions of Arma.
He saved all the missions for the hope that his plan will come true,
and look what happened!
Since the beginning of october 2016, he started a brand new server for arma-fans.
He called the server and made it to the UGF-Clan Gaming Server.


Support us and donate to the Server!

If you and friends still wanna have fun at playing arma and playing the old but gold community missions, why you dont donate to us to keep the server with us alive! Maybe you could get a member of the UGF Clan! 

There is another way to support the server! 
You can support us when you join to our server and maybe share the server with friends! Would be nice to see you on our Clan Server!!! 

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